Collection: Piercing Consultations

Sometimes piercings don't go according to plan, and it sucks when that happens.  Luckily Avant-Garde and our trained staff of qualified piercers are here to help you on your piercing journey.  Consultations are time set aside with one of our piercers to help diagnose and devise plans to help alleviate common piercing problems.

Consultations are free for clients who acquired their piercing with Avant-Garde for two (2) years after the date of piercing.

Please Note: Avant-Garde staff members are not medical professionals and can in no way diagnose or treat medical issues, as such Avant-Garde staff will never hesitate to send a client to a medical professional when any indication arises that would require medical care.  Additionally, Avant-Garde encourages all body piercing enthusiasts to speak with their medical care team about their body piercing journey and any concerns they may have related to their desire to obtain a body piercing.